TECHNOLOCON (founder & Sole-Proprietor) formerly G00d4Sal3s made PowerSeller and Top-Rated (a more valueable title) on eBay within 3 months, which is VERY fast, and we enjoy helping others learn how to do the same.


    As an avid online seller, I specialize (but am not limited) to used goods. Not individualizing myself and my business in one area or line of products, but ANY!


    • Computer maintenance, 24/7 tech support, and virus removal
    • TECHNOLOCON offers private lessons in online selling (eBay, Craigslist, Zaarly, etc), marketing techniques, social media networking

    If learning the eBay trade is not your style, we also provide a service that will help you start your own eBay seller's account to sell your items OR as well as a service that will just list your items on an already established eBay account.
    I believe in dignified business as a buyer and seller, and will assure you all things are documented for your own and records and safe-keeping.